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    'Yellow gold' discovery of polyimide fiber

    source :Intranet   Author:The administrator   DateTimeTime:2015/2/6 20:58:19   VisitCount:1896

                Jiangsu Aoshen Hi-Tech materials co., LTD in Jiangsu in nanjing in February 2nd meeting successfully polyimide fiber application technology seminar.

                Conference sponsored by the China textile industrial association, jiangsu province textile industrial association, jiangsu aoshen new material limited liability company to undertake.

                The guests are Chinese academy of sciences and the Chinese academy of engineering Yao Mu shi-cheng jiang,      president of China industrial textiles association, Li Lingshen, jiangsu aoshen group chairman Fang Nianjun on behalf of the domestic well-known experts and scholars and industry such as entrepreneurs, meeting hosted by China industrial textiles association vice-chairman jung joon Mr Lin.

                The meeting mainly discussed the development of the 'yellow gold' polyimide fiber and application prospect. Meeting of the characteristics of each expert on polyimide fiber, this paper explores the industry entrepreneurs market application of polyimide and promote the rationalization proposal is given. The meeting ended in warm interactive discussion.