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    Dry spinning polyimide reached the international advanced level

    source :Intranet   Author:The administrator   DateTimeTime:2015/1/22 10:18:19   VisitCount:1764

         Thenewspaper news(Liang yong) In 26th October, the project assessmentsof the “dry spinning Polyimide fiber engineering key technology and equipment researchand development” which is undertook by the Donghua University and JiangsuAoshen new material Co., Ltd. was convened in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. The expertgroup which includes the Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians Sunjinliang and Jiang shicheng, debrief the project completion, inspect productionsite, and read the relevant materials. After question and discussion, all theexperts consider that the project has been reached the international advancedlevel, some of the key technology has been in international advanced level. Andexpert group suggests that it should further expand the market, and speed upthe popularization and application.

         Theexpert group thinks that, the project breaks the monopoly of the polyimidefibers production technology which is grasped in Russia, Austria and a fewother developed countries. The project also bridges the polyimide productiontechnology gap between our country and the developed country. There are severalinnovations in this project, such as: the synthesis of high uniformity ofpolymer textile solution, new mechanism of dry forming fibers, regulation andcontrol of cyclization reaction degree, the stability of the precursor fibers, cyclization- drafting process integration technology, independent R&D polymerizer,spinning channel and relevant components and so on.

         Thesenew technology and independent R&D complete equipment forms a completelyindependent intellectual property rights, which has won more than 20 nationalpatents, and has become the only one dry spinning polyimide fiber productionline.

         Itis known as that polyimide fiber is an important high performance fiber whichis one of the most high temperature resistant fiber (can be long-term used in250oC~350oC). It also has better light resistance, hygroscopicity,heat resistance than aramid fiber and polyphenylene sulfide fiber. At present,it is one of the best combination property fibers, which is urgently needed inthe aerospace, environment protection, fire protection and other fields. The projectof the “dry spinning Polyimide fiber” which is undertook by the DonghuaUniversity and Jiangsu Aoshen new material Co., Ltd. has reached stabilizedproduction, which means that the production has high efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality. The product has been applied in the high temperaturefilter field and supports the national environment protection, labor protectionand special equipment industry development. Obviously, this project hasoutstanding economic benefit and social benefit.